Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where have I been!

 Her cousin Kaison helped celebrate her big day and got in on the photo shoot.
 Ella's cousin Raegan is in the same kindergarten class, they think it is so awesome.
Nick went to washington DC for 9 days to repair some damage on the temple. He brought me a First Lady apron I love.
A quick trip to St. george for Crosby Reunion. This is a four generation shot:)

                                                                    Ella Bella was happy as can be for her big Day!!!

So very quickly things a need to do, turn into a few days, a few weeks, a few months or maybe a whole year since I posted!! I was downloading some pictures and I thought you need to get back on your blog. Life is good, kids are back in school. Its so crazy to me that I have two in high school. Wow. Charlee does soccer and chase does football. the average day they leave at 630 and come back home between 5-6. Its been a big change for me, not having my helpers around. Being a mom, working and now a taxi driver. Some days this summer I went back and forth to provo high 3 times. But they love it and I know its good for them to be involved. Brady is in second grade and I am so grateful he has outgrown his anxiety of school. He went this year no problems, no stress. Ella tuned 5 yesterday and celebrated her birthday all in the same day. It was a big busy day. we had a great day celebrating her. My kids are great blessings to me and they make me very proud. It makes it all totally worth it!! Just a few picks

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nights at the ball park!

 Finally it quit raining and after 3 weeks of rainouts we have been playing ball. I love base ball it is by far my favorite sport to watch. Its simple and fun. There are no off sides, first down, etc, Just hitting the ball, running the  bases, playing the field. Besides the occasional really bad call, its a rather calm fun game. Chayston team has lost only 1 game and won 6, so they are having a great season. Last night Chase pitched an inning after not pitching in a game for a year. He did a really good job! He loves baseball its his thing and the season goes way to fast.
 So for any of you who know my Brady boy he is not a fan of clothes. At this game it was 80 degrees. He asked for permisson to take his shirt off. I said he could, nest thing I new he had taken off his shoes and socks. I quickly made sure he knew the shorts stay on. Anyways funny site my boy going for a ride only partly dressed. He makes me laugh. I have know idea how he will survive next year all day dressed at school.
 This is a first, I was trying to take a picture of Chase he said, "knock it off mom people are watching" WHAT!!!!! Who cares your chase and you dont care what anyone thinks. Its official he is a teenager and I can embarass him just by asking for a smile in his baseball uniform! Let the fun begin!
There is my super cute husband. I love that dimple! He loves baseball and I love watching his face when Chaser is makin him proud. Makes for a fun night with the boys.

*only thing missing from these pictures is Ella torturing some poor puupy, adopting a new mom, while begging for someones pizza. And of course Charlee checkin out the cute boys!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy busy or just tired!

 So its been a crazy few months since I posted last. There has been lots going on. Lots of weddings, sickness, babies, tiredness. This picture is of me and my girls. Just takin from a disposable at my cute cousins wedding.  I cant believe how big my girls are getting.

 So besides attending a lot of weddings lately. I also pretty much catered one. This is the 200 micky mouse chocolate dip sugar cookies across my counter. Thank you Brenda you were so helpful. I made mint julip from disneyland( not without more friends great advice, I love my friends) I set up ruan the tables and cleaned up, it all went great!!
 We got us a new little nephew to cuddle, He is sooo cute. Amys sweet little baby Rylen melts my heart, If his sweet little eyes are open there is no resisting.

This sweet baby boy, my baby boy, turned 6. The time has gone quickly, I cant believe he goes to school all day next year. He is a great kid, he is kind and worries about others feelings. He has a little anxiety, which surprises me because he so layed back. He worries like if its pajama day and I drop him off he will run back to the car and want to go home and change. He had a great day, got spoiled. I love him lots.
There will be more pictures to come my computer is acting up now... Have a good day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ella Bella Surgery

 Ella Bella all dressed and having no clue whats about to go on, poor girl!
After surgery, She did not come off of the meds very well, 2 extra shots of morphine were required to settle her down.

This is what last week looked like, she layed around drinkin from her sippies, cuddled to her mama.

Luckily grandpa showed up and surprised me to help with my little posesssed angel. Seriously I could not have contained her myself. I was grateful he showed up.

Ella was fascinated by the anesthesiologist talking about his 3 legged dog!

Recovery, please ignore giant wrinkles on my fore head, stress is not making me look younger.

Drive home

I had to take a picture of that IV, she wanted to tear it out, with her hand, her teeth, whatever she could think of . She got a little crazy about it. She has been a trooper. I hope this helps her to not be chronically sick anymore. Its hard to be a mom. Its hard to watch your kids suffer. I have just wanted to cry watching her feel so uncomfortable. I understand why she needed the surgery, she does not really. Thats the hard part. She is on the mend now, each days a little better. Now to just get her to eat. My skinny little girl, I love her.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rough Day, new do!!!

Some days start off so nicely, 7 hours sleep, hang out, do a little laundry. Than an exhilarating 7 miles at seven, We giggle about the frost growing on our eyelashes, clothes and hair. Then I hope in my van with smile on my face drive 2 blocks home and then my teenager waves me down on her way to bus stop. Uhhhh Mom hurry home Ella cut her hair. My heart races calm down I am sure its not that bad, right. I came home to this about 6 inches chopped off, she wanted to look like her mama!!

She was all smiles as I cried and hyperventalated. She thought it was great!

So for Christmas I got a new do and a new kitchenaid. One gives me more work and the other does the work, we will see if you can guess which one.

She made it three minutes in the car after we finally got it fixed around 2. We were worn out from hiding under large hats all day while running errands.

There she is cute as ever little a-line bob. She looks adorable and loves it. One more head of hair for me to round brush. Good thing she is so cute. That was just the start of the day, I lost a 20 dollar bill, noticed brady lost half of one of his teeth while getting Charlee ready for her dentist appt. SHe has an infection so bad she has to see an oral surgeon to clean out some of the infection before root canal. It was one thing after another, really. I just want you to know I am always learning new lessons. Todays theme was If you think it cant get any worse, uh it CAN!! Even if you smile alot and have a really good attitude. Ok I admit it my attitude was not so great today.  Looking forward to bed time and sweet dreams.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching up!!!

So I have this weird problem, If the battery dies in my camera it is this overwhelming impossible task to charge, the camera might as well be broken. Its a simple task, I just struggle more than you know with it. Luckily for camera phones or I would have nothing. SO the last few months have been pretty stressful. Chayston has not been feeling well. He wakes up everymorning with a headache, nausea and stomach pain. We have had lots of blood work done numerous doctor appointments and still no answeres. In the meantime he missed over 30 days of school, so I had to withdraw him from his school and he now does eschool till we figure this out. The only other clue we have is that his eyesight has gotten significantly bad over the last few months. so tommorow he has an eye appt. and we are hoping they might have some answers for us. Keep him in your prayers for me!!

 We have still managed to squeeze in some silly James fun!!

Also played with our baby Kaison, who is clearly now a big boy. He is so easy going. We just love when he comes to play. He just goes with the flow. Give this kid a ball and he is HAPPY!!

Raegan comes to play too!! Her and Brady were posing for a pic they wanted me to take for Santa. Brady is aware of his moms ever failing memory. He likes me to take pics of the things he really really really wants.It is not good enough to just say I will let him know. Smart boy. Once Santa see this picture and what two darling little angels the are, I am sure he will make that 5 dollar bakugan happen.

 Decorated the house for christmas! It is still not quite right they rearrange it daily. Which means I have to rearrange again, lecture about not touching tree, repeat daily:) I love the feeling of the glow from the lighted tree it is calming and It makes me happy. They love it too.

We have enjoyed some snowy days, they love playing in it. I enjoy running in it. A nice morning with fresh snow is alot better than blue sky and no snow, COLD!!! 15 degrees this morning, but I still love to start my day with my morning run. Its my favorite way to start the day come snow, rain or clouds. I hope everyone is having happy holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

feelin stronger

Sometimes this life wears me down, way down. I have had a rough little bit lately, I dont know if its since the hysterectomy or what. But few times a year I just feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Sometimes I feel like I should be a better mom, better wife, better friend, etc. I should be more organized and patient. I want to do better be better and this all leads to feeling more overwhelmed.
Then the other day as I sat in church and sang(or tried to sing) Count your blessings. I was comforted and grateful that as long as we are doing are best, thats what really matters. I know sometimes my best is not enough. But its all I got and stress and anxiety, never help anything.
Than I read this quote,
You get what you give! We'd all like a quick fix solution to our problems, an express lane to our goals. But if your looking for something meaningful, it calls for hard work and perservance. A halfway job will produce halfway results. Remember, you will only reap the benefits of whatever effort you exert in the first place. While its tempting to cut corners and be lazy. Remember down the road you are only cheating yourself and those cop-outs will become regrets. Draw from your inner strength to stay focused on your goals. A little more work today means a much better tomorrow.
It got me thinking alot, about my life, the gospel, fitness. Its going on my fridge for awhile. Its all totally worth it. Thank goodness at the end of every rough day, I can go to sleep and tomorrow is always a better day.
Brady, "Hey dad this looks like mom, If mom was a superhero this is the one she would be. lol. I will take it, if I could only see myself like brady does.